P1 Entertainment produces motorsport series for television and digital, and is founded by an award-winning producer and a national racing champion.

McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer and (starting at 2’26”) Nissan GT Academy.

Borja Cantera

P1’s Head of Content and Founder

Borja Cantera is a British-Spanish producer. Since 2008 Borja has been involved in motorsport series, winning amongst other awards the Cannes Golden Lion. In 2018 Borja produced McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer including Zak Brown, Mika Häkkinen, Lando Norris and Gonçalo Gomes.

Borja has a long track record in the British TV industry as a documentary filmmaker producing for the BBC, Discovery Channel International, Red Bull, FOX, ESPN, WSL, and others. He specialises in innovative program formats with a unique stylistic signature.

As head of content, Borja provides leadership, creativity, innovation and clear direction to the company looking continuously for opportunities to innovate and find new ways to increase reach and engagement levels through motorsport narratives.

Borja also sets the strategy, brand, and tone, setting the bar for world-class content, ensuring that P1 Entertainment programming is distinctive, suitable for multi-platforms, and based on our understanding of audience needs.

Borja proactively engages with potential partners, identifying opportunities for strategic growth while being accountable for the performance of our content, ensuring that forward programme investment delivers the best value for money.

“When we get drivers competing for a life-changing opportunity, we push them to dig deep within themselves to find the very best they can possibly give. When they realise their true potential or their limitations, then, inevitably, every action is charged with drama, emotions… Crafting those into entertaining stories is what we do best.”

— Borja Cantera


Gonçalo Gomes

P1’s Head of Motorsport and Founder

Gonçalo is a Portuguese racing driver. He is a five-time national racing champion, a 24 Hours of Le Mans driver, F3 and Formula Opel Euro-series runner-up. Gonçalo has a long career history in GT Academy, a programme led by Nissan and PlayStation where the fastest gamers in the world were challenged to become professional racing drivers.

Gonçalo’s natural intuition for spotting talent, his deep understanding of motor racing, and his undisputed ability to coach successful drivers has earned him a record of five GT Academy wins. Gonçalo is also a McLaren official driver and was a McLaren‘s World’s Fastest Gamer mentor.

In 2018, Gonçalo, Zak Brown, and Oliver Turvey selected Dutchman Rudy van Buren as the winner of WFG and McLaren’s new simulator driver. On his first season with McLaren, Rudy exceeded every expectation, thus validating WFG’s selection process.

“Out-there, there is someone out there with the potential for becoming the next Senna, Alonso, Schumacher, perhaps someone with an even greater potential… This is our mission; to change the paradigm of driver selection, to innovate and create new processes so we can “whoa” the sport by finding surprisingly talented drivers. We want to find the next superstar of the sport.”

— Gonçalo Gomes



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