Content For Brands

Our team were early pioneers of creating long-form content for brands, having worked in this space for over two decades.


We produce for SailGP The GrandPrix Vault series – a specialist factual documentary series that unravels the fascinating, complex world inside SailGP’s data hub.


Founder, Borja Cantera is widely recognised as one of the creative forces behind multiple renowned brand-content-initiatives.

McLaren's WFG

Borja Cantera directed and co-created the celebrated ‘McClaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer’ format for McClaren & Logitech, featuring Lando Norris and Zak Brown.

GT Academy

Borja Cantera was the director of multiple 'GT Academy' series for Nissan & Sony PlayStation - a global concept that in 2023 was made into the blockbuster Hollywood movie ‘Gran Turismo’.


We understand the value for our clients on maximising their IP. GT Academy is a prime example. A PlayStation Game was used to device a reality show for TV which then became a blockbuster Hollywood film.


Understanding brands values and creating with them TV formats that resonate with target audiences is our forte. Our creative director Harry Harrold has years of experience delivering original format ideas for networks, platforms and brands.

Who Killed Summer?

A Vodafone, Facebook, Youtube branded content experience. Devised by our Creative Director Harry Harrold, this production used scripted, non scripted and user generated content across a large number of social platforms, to weave this ground breaking, interactive drama.