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P1 Entertainment is run by a team of talented staff and freelancers. Our offices are in Bristol, England. Our offline, grading and online suites allow for remote access so we have members of staff and freelancers connecting from international locations.



Borja Cantera
Founder & Lead Director

Borja is the visionary founder of P1 Entertainment. He served as lead director for multiple series of the hit format ‘GT Academy’, for Nissan & Sony PlayStation – a global concept that in 2023 was made into the blockbuster Hollywood movie ‘Gran Turismo’.

He co-created the celebrated ‘McClaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer’ format for McClaren & Logitech. His work also includes feature-length documentaries and series for the BBC, Amazon Prime, Discovery and Red Bull.

Harry Harrold
Creative Director

Harry has played a pivotal role in developing and producing many successful formats for British TV and digital platforms. His successes include acclaimed shows such as ‘Faking It’ (C4), ‘Wife Swap’ (C4), ’24 Hours With’ (ITV), ‘Girls Can Code’ (BBC),

‘American Aristocrat’ (Smithsonian), ‘Who Killed Summer?’ (Vodafone/Facebook/Youtube); ‘Masterchef’ (BBC), ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (ITV), and ‘The Apprentice’ (BBC). 

Tom Hughes
Head of Post Production

Tom Hughes has been with P1 Entertainment from the beginning, developing workflows, IT infrastructure and overseeing post-production. 

He manages all areas of post Production and delivery while maintaining office morale with his world-class charisma.

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